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3 things to know about JRF Ortho

JRF Ortho provides allograft joint repair solutions.

Here are three things to know...


Knee Cartilage Transplant Video Performed by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brian Cole

Do you want to learn more about knee cartilage transplantation? Watch Dr. Cole on "The Doctors" treat a young college football player using this breakthrough surgery.


Dr. Robert Laprade Creates Video Series For Doctors, Patients

Robert LaPrade, M.D., Ph.D., an orthopedic knee and sports medicine surgeon at The Steadman Clinic, has launched a new video series that is meant to educate non-orthopedic physicians, medical students and patients on reading an MRI of the knee. In this video series, “How to Read a...


Meniscal Transplant in Patients 50 and Younger Relieves Pain, Delays Additional Surgery

Sixty-three percent of meniscal transplants were viable at 10 years. Only 11 percent of patients with successful transplants had pain when engaging in daily activities. Also, nearly three-fourths of patients (72 percent) were able to take part in low-impact sports such as bicycling and swimming.


Meniscus preservation is key first step of cartilage repair

Meniscus preservation in surgery is the critical first step in cartilage repair.


High patient satisfaction, improved function found after meniscal allograft transplantation

Patients who undergo meniscal allograft transplantation had high patient satisfaction and improvement in function, according to results presented here at the International Cartilage Repair Society Annual Meeting.


No return to OR found 90 days after meniscal allograft transplantation

“The key take-home point to our study is that following meniscal allograft transplantation using our national assessment we had a 90-day return to OR rate of zero,” Frank McCormick, MD, said.


Cartilage Repair: Is it possible? An update from the Orthopedic Research Society symposium

In his talk, “A Physician-Scientist’s Perspective: 25 years of clinical effort.” Dr. Stone highlighted the various techniques that have been created to repair cartilage and showed examples of patients who had undergone articular cartilage paste grafting with up to 20 years of clinical follow-up.