Osteochondral Allografts for Large Oval Defects of the Medial Femoral Condyle: A Comparison of Single Lateral Versus Medial Femoral Condyle Oval Grafts Versus 2 Overlapping Circular Grafts

Purpose: This controlled laboratory study investigated the surface contour match of contralateral nonorthotopic oblong grafts compared to an overlapping circle technique. MFC oblong, LFC oblong, and LFC or MFC overlapping circles were implanted into a recipient MFC with an oblong defect.

Summary: The study found oblong ipsilateral MFC and contralateral LFC oblong grafts had smaller surface height deviations than the overlapping circle grafts. The RMS step-off height deviation was 0.68mm for MFC oblong, 0.70mm for LFC oblong, and 0.85mm for overlapping circle grafts.

Take Away: The study concludes the use of oblong ipsilateral MFC and contralateral LFC OCAs can provide a better surface contour match than overlapping circle grafts for oblong defects in the MFC.

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Authors: Timothy S. Mologne, MD, William D. Bugbee, MD, Shankar Kaushal, BS, Conor S. Locke, MS, Robert W. Goulet, PhD, Michael Casden, BS, and John A. Grant, MD, PhD.

Published: Cartilage

Institution: AOSSM