Cartilage Restoration

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Everything you need to know about Cartilage Restoration.

Tip: Osteochondral Allograft (Cartilage) Transplantation is a single-step technique that allows an initial period of partial weightbearing.

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Rehab Protocols and Post-Surgery Recovery

Discover rehab protocols and what you might expect post-surgery. (These are general guidelines where each recovery may vary.)

What to Expect During Recovery

Rehab Protocols:
Extensive List of Examples

Rehab Brochure:
What to Expect During Recovery

Are you looking for a surgeon near you specializing in cartilage restoration?

Success Stories —
Hear From Recipients Who Had Similar Procedures

Inspiration meets experience where you can connect with individuals who have undergone similar cartilage restoration procedures and understand what you are going through as well.

Donation Comes Full Circle For Tissue Recipient Turned Doctor

Hear from Dr. Rachel Frank, a recipient (and now an orthopedic surgeon), and her experience having both a cartilage and meniscus transplant.

Wedding Wish Comes True For Allograft Recipient

See Ellie’s story as she overcame OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) by getting a cartilage transplant in order to walk down the aisle.

Former College Athlete Gives Unique Perspective on Knee Cartilage Injury

Joshua gives a unique perspective has an orthopedic physician’s assistant (PA) who had a cartilage transplantation performed.

Remarkable Attitude and Fierce Determination Helps Teen From “Down Under” Beat the Odds

From Down Under, Hannah shares her appreciation for cartilage transplantation allowing her to live a more normal life.

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CARTILAGE RESTORATION: Why It’s an Option for You.