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Fresh OCA Cores  
for the treament of full thickness osteochondral lesions.  

The cores provide complete replacement with viable intact osteochondral allograft without donor site morbidity.

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Osteochondral Allografts

Osteochondral allografts allow surgeons to transplant mature, hyaline cartilage with viable chondrocytes and subchondral bone in a single procedure. These grafts often are used to treat focal cartilage defects and diseases and they offer long-term repair for a patient’s damaged hyaline cartilage.

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Presutured Tendons

Presutured tendons are sterile and preassembled with Arthrex FiberWire® or FiberLoop® for speed and convenience. Each tendon is assembled according to Arthrex specifications, by trained technicians, ensuring that the presutured tendon meets the requirements of the procedure to allow for anatomic, minimally invasive, and reproducible knee reconstruction.

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Aseptic Tendons

Aseptic tendons restore the function after an injury, helping patients regain mobility and enjoy a better quality of life. Allografts retain important biomechanical characteristics, facilitating healing without donor site associated pain.

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Nonsutured Tendons

Nonsutured Tendons are an excellent repair option for any tendon procedure where there is a loss of, or damage to a large segment of tendon or ligament or where multiple reconstructions have failed. Valuable OR time is minimized therefore potentially reducing costs and offering optimal solutions to patients.

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Meniscal transplantation is an innovative surgical technique designed to improve the biomechanics of a meniscus deficient knee. Meniscal allograft transplantation provides improvement in regard to pain and level of function for daily activities.

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