No Difference in Outcomes Following Osteochondral Allograft with Fresh Precut Cores Compared to Hemi-Condylar Allografts

Purpose: To evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcomes at early to midterm follow-up between fresh precut cores versus hemi-condylar osteochondral allograft (OCAs) in the treatment of symptomatic osteochondral lesions.


  • A retrospective study of 52 patients who underwent an OCA surgery was performed. 
  • 26 using a fresh precut allograft core and 26 using a size matched condylar allograft 
  • The cartilage at the graft site was assessed with the use of a modified Magnetic Resonance Observation of Cartilage Repair (MOCART) scoring system and patient-reported outcomes (PRO) were collected. 
  • There was no difference in MOCART or PRO scores between fresh precut cores and size matched condylar OCAs following osteochondral transplantation.  
  • There was no difference in early to midterm graft healing between either method.  
  • Several studies have shown OCA transplantation to be an excellent treatment option for patients with chondral lesions 
  • Excellent survivorship rates, improvement in pain, function, and PRO scores 

Take-Away: Both precut cores and size matched condylar allografts are excellent options for treating chondral and osteochondral lesions. This study suggests the noninferiority of fresh precut OCA cores when compared to size matched condylar/patellar OCAs.   

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Authors: Michael Alaia MD, Eric Strauss MD, Laith Jazrawi MD, et al.  

Published: Cartilage 

Institution: New York University Langone Health