Survivorship After Lateral Meniscal Allograft Transplantation Plus Concurrent Cartilage Procedure in Patients with Poor Cartilage Status: A Comparative Study Purpose

Purpose: This study finds that in patients with bipolar cartilage lesions, a concurrent cartilage procedure may improve the status of an allograft after lateral MAT.


  • Patients were grouped as follows:
    • Lateral MAT + bipolar lesions with cartilage procedure
    • Lateral MAT + bipolar lesions without cartilage procedure
    • Lateral MAT + unipolar lesions without cartilage procedure
  • Patients received either a microfracture or osteochondral autograft cartilage procedure.

Take-Away: Patients with high-grade bipolar lesions who underwent a cartilage procedure and MAT had higher anatomic survival rates at 5 years than those who only received MAT. The authors recommend performing a concurrent femoral cartilage procedure when performing lateral MAT for better outcomes in patients with bipolar chondral lesions.

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Authors: Jongjin Lee, MD, Seong-Il Bin, MD, PhD, Jong-Min Kim, MD, PhD, Bum-Sik Lee, MD, PhD, Taehyeon Jeon, MD, Kinam Bae, MD, and Donghyok Kim, MD

Published: Cartilage

Institution: AOSSM