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Allografts for Joint Repair

JRF Ortho is recognized for our unequaled standard of customer care, exceptional product quality and safety, and innovative solutions.

Allograft Catalog

As the largest provider of cartilage restoration allografts, furnishing exceptional products, JRF Ortho is the quality standard that you can depend on.

Osteochondral Allograft (OCA) Sheet

Osteochondral allografts (OCA) allow surgeons to transplant mature hyaline cartilage with viable chondrocytes and subchondral bone in an intact unit.

Precut Fresh OCA Cores Sheet

JRF Ortho offers Precut Fresh Osteochondral Allograft (OCA) Cores for the treatment of full thickness osteochondral lesions.

Nonsutured Aseptic Tendon Sheet

JRF Ortho tendons are aseptically handled throughout the process, never being exposed to irradiation.

Nonsutured Sterile Tendon Sheet

An excellent repair option for ligament procedures, JRF Ortho provides everything surgeons want for their tendon needs.

Presutured Sterile Tendon Sheet

Presutured tendons are sterile and preassembled with Arthrex® sutures for speed and convenience.

Meniscal Sheet

JRF Ortho offers meniscal allografts with a precut bone block providing surgeons the option of their preferred transplantation technique while saving time in the OR.

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