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Case Study: Trochlear Cartilage Restoration Using Fresh OCA Cores

A 36-year-old patient reported persistent right knee crepitation and pain two years after falling directly onto their knee. Prior conservative management and arthroscopic chondroplasty was undergone without any resolution. Imaging and arthroscopy demonstrated a full-thickness cartilage defect in the lateral trochlea.

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Case Study: Capitellum Cartilage Restoration Using a Fresh OCA Core

The patient, who was 18 years old at the time of surgery, had a prior retroarticular decompression done about one year to 18 months prior. His cartilage was noted to be soft at that time. After his index surgery, he continued to have pain and mechanical symptoms. A follow up MRI showed a full thickness chondral defect as well as subchondral sclerosis.

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Case Study: Fresh OCA Core for Cartilage Repair in the Patellofemoral Joint

The patient, a 43-year-old male, was experiencing an acute onset of knee pain when squatting. He reported discomfort and stiffness in the knee, which were exacerbated by stairs and walking downhill. He subsequently developed recurring effusions. The patient’s symptoms persisted despite extensive non-operative management.

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White Paper on Structural Integrity and Safety of Irradiated JRF Ortho Tendon Allografts

Together, the use of aseptic technique, proprietary cleansing methods and temperature controlled, ultra low-dose irradiation provide a safe, structurally efficient allograft without impacting the integrity of the tissue and reducing potential for case failure. 

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