Condyle-Specific Matching For OCA Not So Helpful

Riley J. Williams, III, M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon at HSS. He commented to OTW, “Over the past 15 years the utility of fresh osteochondral grafts has been demonstrated by several established orthopedic researchers, including Brian Cole, M.D., William Bugby, M.D. and myself. We have shown that it is better to use the whole tissue for transplantation when patients have cartilage defects. The issue, however, is one of supply of the condyles. If there is a medial condyle lesion, many surgeons think that you must have a donor’s medial condyle.”

“That has never been my way of thinking or metric. I don’t think the size of the implants (typically 22-30mm) necessitated that. I could always find some place on the medial or lateral condyle that matched up with the affected area in the knee.”

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