Prevention of Infection in the Hamstring ACL Reconstruction

The bottom line is that soaking a Hamstring graft during surgery in a Vancomycin saline solution (500mg Vancomycin in 100cc NS) has been shown to completely eradicate HS ACLR infection. 

In my own practice I adopted the practice of soaking grafts in Vancomycin after reading the study by Vertullo in 2012 and have had no deep infections (quite rare previously anyway) or superficial cellulitis since then.   I leave the graft in a small basin in the solution rather than in a wet lap or sponge to maximize Vancomycin contact with the graft.  I also leave some of the Vancomycin solution in the small incisions after irrigation with Saline before closing and inject some into the knee joint as well.

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Article by Chadwick Prodromos, MD