Joint Restoration Foundation is now JRF Ortho

Corporate Name Change to JRF Ortho Better Reflects Orthopedic Commitment

Centennial, Colo. – March 25, 2015 – Joint Restoration Foundation announced today, to better reflect its commitment to and its expertise in driving the innovation needed to shape the future of orthopedics, it will now be known as JRF Ortho.

“For our customers and their patients, quality of life is everything and JRF Ortho is redefining the standard in allograft joint repair helping patients regain movement and live more normal lives,“ announced Jim Czepiel, Executive Director of JRF Ortho. “As a specialized orthopedics company at the forefront of changing the industry landscape, we deliver breakthrough products that maximize the gift of tissue donation.”

JRF Ortho rebranded to better emphasizes the company’s unique role in the industry, as it provides innovative solutions and superior customer care allowing surgeons the resources they need to help heal their patients. JRF Ortho is the leading provider of fresh osteochondral allografts, meniscus and tendons, looking to go beyond today to what is possible tomorrow.

The new company name leverages a familiar acronym among its customers (JRF) and adds clarity to what the company does by highlighting its commitment to orthopedics. JRF Ortho’s new look is distinctive within the industry and reflects the company’s unique role in orthopedics. The new name and brand are also reflected on the company’s redesigned website,

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