Criteria For Osteochondral Graft Matching Too Restrictive?

Co-author Peter Du, M.D., a first-year orthopedic resident at the University of Arizona in Tucson, explained to OTW, “With the traditional osteochondral allograft size matching process, patients can often wait anywhere from 6 to 12 months, and sometimes even longer for a donor graft that has size dimensions that are similar to the patient's knee. Additionally, once a patient is notified of a potential match, we must arrange to perform the surgery within 1-2 weeks before the cellular viability of the graft decreases and the graft is deemed inappropriate for use.”

“We found that 100% of medial to medial transplantations, 98% of lateral to lateral transplantations, and 92.5% of medial to lateral transplantations would be considered acceptable based solely on graft height mismatch criterion (i.e., within 1mm).”

“This seems to suggest that acceptability of donors does not correlate with femoral condylar anterior-posterior lengths or orthoptopic matching of condyles (i.e., using medial donor grafts for medial lesions) and that our current criteria for accepting grafts on behalf of patients may be too restrictive.”

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