Cartilage Repair: Is it possible? An update from the Orthopedic Research Society symposium

In his talk, “A Physician-Scientist’s Perspective: 25 years of clinical effort.” Dr. Stone highlighted the various techniques that have been created to repair cartilage and showed examples of patients who had undergone articular cartilage paste grafting with up to 20 years of clinical follow-up.

He went on to highlight the need to address all the issues that are hurting the joint, including meniscus and ligament injuries, showing data from a 2-12 year study which reported 79% success at an average estimated survival of 9.9 years in patients with osteoarthritis who underwent meniscus transplantation. Dr. Stone concluded that, based on his research and clinical experience, cartilage repair is indeed possible. He added the caveat that while the repair tissue might not be perfect, it can provide patients with pain relief and allow them to be active again.

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