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How Do Age Or Gender Affect Shoulder Surgery?

“The most important findings were that both age and sex affect the outcomes of reverse TSA. This information can help surgeons align patient expectations with expected outcomes based on their age and sex, and with appropriate patient expectations, outcome and patient satisfaction are improved.”


Older Patients with Knee Pain May Benefit from Allograft Transplant Technique

“Our findings note that patients older than 40 may benefit from using a fresh osteochondral allograft transplantation to treat focal cartilage defects, a common cause of knee pain in adults,” said lead author, Dennis Crawford, MD, PhD from the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon.


First-of-its kind knee surgery in Lubbock gives young woman hope

A few months after the initial consultation, Ferguson performed a partial knee transplant using BioUni OATS instruments and technique provided by a company called Anthrex. The procedure was the first of its kind performed in Lubbock.


Allografts offer cost, healing benefits in sports medicine

Weighing the risks and gains of allografts vs. autografts, surgeons reported allograft knee procedures prove more successful by diminishing pain, cutting costs and improving function and quality of life.


Osteochondral allograft transplantation effective for certain knee cartilage repairs

"The modern technique of OCA transplantation for treating isolated femoral condyle lesions offers patient better results over other cartilage repair procedures," commented Tírico. "These results appear to be equal or superior to any other cartilage repair procedure for the treatment of femoral condyle lesions and leads us to consider whether fresh OCA should be viewed as the current gold standard in cartilage repair for focal femoral condyle lesions.


Prevention of Infection in the Hamstring ACL Reconstruction

The bottom line is that soaking a Hamstring graft during surgery in a Vancomycin saline solution (500mg Vancomycin in 100cc NS) has been shown to completely eradicate HS ACLR infection.