Bipolar Fresh Osteochondral Allografting of the Tibiotalar Joint

Background: Tibiotalar arthritis in the young, active patient is a debilitating condition with limited treatment options. Bipolar tibiotalar fresh osteochondral allograft transplantation was conceived as a possible alternative to arthrodesis and arthroplasty.

Conclusions: Transplantation of a fresh bipolar ankle osteochondral allograft for the treatment of tibiotalar arthritis resulted in acceptable outcomes in this difficult population,

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William Bugbee;Gaurav Khanna;Marco Cavallo;Julie McCauley;Simon Görtz;Michael Brage. "Bipolar Fresh Osteochondral Allografting of the Tibiotalar Joint". The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery. 95(5):426–432, March 6th, 2013