The Talus allograft can be used alone or in conjunction with a Distal Tibia to restore cartilage surface in the ankle. Many published clinical studies establish the effectiveness of osteochondral Talus allografts for cartilage restoration. Additional uses include reconstruction of Hill-Sachs and Reverse Hill-Sachs defects in the Humeral Head. Alternately, a 10mm Precut Fresh OCA core can be used to repair the Talus.

Studies show that osteochondral allografts transplanted with high chondrocyte viability have significant functional and clinical advantages. JRF Ortho is the largest provider of osteochondral allografts offering viable biologic solutions for a range of challenging joint defects.


Features and Benefits

  • Processed in an aseptic environment by highly trained processing technicians
  • After processing, the grafts are refrigerated in JRF Ortho’s unique nutrient media with antibiotic that has been shown to maintain cartilage viability during refrigerated storage
  • Comprehensive inspection criteria to detect allograft imperfections, tissue and cartilage quality
  • Detailed dissection sheets for each individual graft provide the surgeon an illustration of any denoted imperfections as well as all recorded measurements
  • Talus allografts readily available and are radiographically size-matched to the individual patient for partial or complete shell replacement of the talus
  • For OATS technique size matching the Talus is not necessary
  • Packaging is clearly labeled with expiration date and storage instructions

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