Custom Allografts

Custom allografts are joint, and size-specific osteochondral grafts explicitly produced specifically for the surgeon’s patient. The grafts are procured from donated tissue that is not customarily recovered; examples would include elbows, hands, and toes.

Special authorization from the donor families is required to have these tissues recovered. Circumstances such as the additional authorization and funeral arrangements (e.g., open casket versus cremation) can impact the opportunities for recovery of custom tissue; thus, wait times for custom grafts can take upwards of six months before they are available.

Custom allografts can now be requested through our online portal. Place your request here!

Custom Allografts

Features and Benefits

Due to JRF’s specialized focus in osteochondral allografts, we are available to discuss possible graft placement for your unique cartilage needs.

Commonly seen custom graft requests include:

  • Distal Humerus
  • Proximal Ulna
  • Proximal Radius
  • Distal Radius
  • Metacarpal
  • Proximal Phalanx
  • Metatarsal
  • Metatarsophalangeal Joint (MTP Joint)

Product Sheets

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