Salvage Of Contaminated Osteochondral Allografts: The Effects Of Chlorhexidine On Human Articular Chondrocyte Viability

Purpose: To determine the maximal chlorhexidine concentration that does not affect chondrocyte viability in allograft.

Conclusion: Pulse lavage with 0.002% CHG does not cause significant cell death within 7 days after exposure, while CHG at concentrations >0.002% significantly decreases chondrocyte viability within 1 to 2 days after exposure and should therefore not be used for disinfection of osteochondral allograft.

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Joel Campbell, MD, Giuseppe Filardo,MD, Benjamin Bruce,MD, Sarvottam Bajaj, MD,Nicole Friel,MD, Arnavaz Hakimiyan,BS, Stephen Wood,BS, Robert Grumet,MD,Sasha Shafikhani,PhD, Susan Chubinskaya,PhD, and Brian J. Cole,(MD, MBA). "Salvage of ContaminatedOsteochondral AllograftsThe Effects of Chlorhexidine onHuman Articular Chondrocyte Viability". Am J Sports Med. 2014 Apr;42(4):973-8.