Osteochondral Allograft MRI Scoring System in the Knee: Interobserver Agreement & Clinical Application

Purpose: To validate OCAMRISS for clinical use through the assessment of interobserver variability and to also determine which radiological features show correlation with clinical outcome.


  • 15 patients underwent an OCA transplantation in the knee and received a MRI post-operatively
  • Four examiners evaluated each MRI and subsequently completed an OCAMRISS
  • Agreement amongst readers was very strong for cartilage, bone, ancillary and total scores as 96% of comparisons had an intraclass correlation coefficient ˃0.80
  • IKDC function scores correlated with cartilage and total scores, KOOS subscales correlated with the ancillary score
  • More study is necessary to recommend intervals for MRI assessment

Take Away: OCAMRISS is a reproducible grading system for the in vivo evaluation after OCA transplantation. Its use may provide a standardized method to communicate findings related to this procedure.

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Authors: Gokhan Meric, Guilherme C. Gracitelli, Julie C. McCauley, Pamela A. Pulido, Eric Y. Chang, Christine B. Chung and William D. Bugbee

Published: Cartilage. 2015 Jul;6(3):142-9.

Study Design: Retrospective Cohort