Osteoarticular Allograft Transplantation of the Trochlear Groove for Trochlear Dysplasia

Dr. LaPrade recently published a case report for transplanting a very large trochlear allograft in a 21 year old female patient with trochlea dysplasia. The irregular shape of her trochlea was causing recurrent instability in her patella. Upon examination they determined that the cartilage in the patella was nearly normal but she had a grade IV lesion across the entire trochlear groove.

  • This was her 3rd surgery to address problems in her knee
  • A 35 mm diameter trochlea allograft was transplanted to the trochlear groove
  • 14 months post-op patient she has no pain, full range of motion and no patellar instability

To read more, please access the abstract or paper here.