Is Patient Satisfaction Associated with Clinical Outcomes after OCA Transplantation?

This study evaluates the relationship between PRO's and satisfaction following fresh osteochondral allograft transplantation in the knee.

The average follow up time was 5.5 years. Overall, 88.1% of patients were satisfied with the results of the OCA and this rate was constant over time (Figure 1). Satisfaction rates varied by diagnosis (Table 1). All Mean IKDC and KOOS subscale scores differed between those who were satisfied and not satisfied (all p<0.001).. When applied to a logistic regression analysis, having a diagnosis of osteochondritis dissecans was the only variable that predicted which patients would be extremely satisfied with the results of the OCA, after controlling for age, gender, and anatomical location of the graft

Patient satisfaction was high following the OCA transplantation, with the rate remaining constant over time. We observed a strong association between patient satisfaction and measures of pain, function, activity level, and quality of life following OCA transplantation.

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