How Should We Secure Our Transplanted Meniscus? A Meta-Analysis

Purpose: To assess meniscal allograft transplantation (MAT) outcomes and compare the results of different root fixation techniques through systematic literature review.


  • The optimal root fixation (soft tissue suture vs. bone replacement) for MAT is debated
  •  A total of 38 studies with a mean follow-up of 60 months were included for analysis
  • In the overall cohort of 1637 MATs, there were no significant differences found between either fixation technique
  • Meniscal tear rates were similar as evidenced in 13.4% of soft-tissue sutures and 14.9% of bone fixations
  • Allograft failures were also similar with 17.6% failure in soft tissue suture and 18.8% failure with bone fixation
  • Lysholm and VAS scores significantly improved pre-operatively to final follow-up for either technique


JRF Ortho Take Away: The significant overall improvements in function and pain scores accompanied by low allograft failure rates suggest that MAT is a reliable option. The current data does not demonstrate a difference in fixation method which may suggest that it does not have a significant influence on clinical outcome.

Here is the link to the abstract.

Authors: Julio J. Jauregui, Zhan Dong, Sean Meredith, Cullen Griffith, Jonathan D. Packer, R. Frank Henn III

Published: "How Should We Secure Our Transplanted Meniscus? A Meta-Analysis" The American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2018 Jul;46(9):2285-2290.

Institution: University of Maryland Medical Center