Extensive Recontouring of the Femoral Head with Osteochondral Allografting

Objective: The objective of this report is to demonstrate based on histology and advanced imaging that osteochondral allografting is an appropriate and advantageous treatment in cases of structural abnormalities of the femoral head from trauma, avascular necrosis, or osteoarthritis.

Discussion: The analysis revealed that much like osteochondral allografts of the knee and ankle, femoral head grafts demonstrated consistent healing across the host-graft interface based on visual inspection, histological analysis, and microCT analysis.

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Amir A. Jamali, Douglas Rowland, Kristen N. Vandewalker, "Extensive Recontouring of the Femoral Head with Osteochondral Allografting: A Case Report with Histological and MicroCT Analysis", Case Reports in Orthopedics, vol. 2019, Article ID 6956391, 6 pages, November 2019.