Precut Fresh OCA Cores

JRF Ortho now offers Precut Fresh OCA Cores for the treatment of full thickness osteochondral lesions. The Cores are produced using the same cartilage processing method as all OCA grafts distributed by JRF Ortho and have viable hyaline cartilage for a superior biomechanical and durable repair.

Precut Fresh OCA Cores

Features and Benefits

  • Mature hyaline cartilage: Processed using proprietary nutrient medium and processing methods shown to maintain 80% average viability in the superficial, middle, and deep layers
  • Processing methods resulting in a cartilage implant with intact matrix containing living chondrocytes and normal architecture providing optimal replacement tissue both biologically and mechanically
  • Cores processed and implanted using the disposable Arthrex OATS® set providing a turnkey, proven and reproducible surgical technique
  • Cost effective treatment option for cartilage replacement with proven long-term outcomes
  • Minimum 10mm length: The Cores are ideally suited to treat cartilage lesions with subchondral bone involvement for single step replacement of damaged cartilage and cancellous bone
  • Convenience: The Cores can be stored in a hospital or surgery center operating room refrigerator at 1-10° Celsius until expiration

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