Quadruple Strand Tendon

Quadruple bundle ACL reconstruction technique utilizes double strand tendons and replicates the structure of the native ACL. Quadruple strand tendons can also be used PCL, or tendon soft tissue augmentation.

Tendon allografts remain an excellent repair option for any ligament repair procedure where prior reconstructions have failed or where tendon ruptures or tears are present.

Available quadruple strand tendons include:

  • Semitendinosus / Gracilis
  • Peroneous longus
  • Tibialis
Quadruple Strand Tendon

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra low dose frozen irradiated tendon (9.5 – 15 kGy) – assures sterility & maintaining biomechanical strength
  • No autograft morbidity
  • Simplifies procedure compared to an autograft BTB, saving OR time and cost
  • Surgeons can predetermine diameter size of tunnels and graft length
  • Allows for surgeon to select best fixation technique

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