Sean Jacoby - Customer Care & Solutions Manager

Sean Jacoby, Customer Care & Solutions Manager

Sean Jacoby is an anomaly in that he grew up playing hockey in Northern California. As a defenseman, he would not let anything stop him, much like his role at JRF Ortho. Sean’s strong mind and willingness to please customers makes him the perfect fit as the San Leandro, CA, Manager of Customer Service for Tendons.

Spending his formative working years in the customer service field with such companies as Avis and Longs Drugs, Sean found a true passion for training people while working for Motorola.  When he first started working for JRF Ortho, he was hard pressed to tell you the difference between a condyle and a flux capacitor, but his desire for learning new things quickly resolved that. If you’ve got a tendon question that needs answered, Sean is your guy.

Quick witted, with a dry sense of humor, Sean eases the mood whenever he’s in the office. He takes pride in doing things correctly and on time, and always puts the customer first.

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