Carly Kosik - Accounting Manager

Carly Kosik, Accounting Manager

Always prepared and wonderfully groomed, Carly Kosik isn’t afraid to pull her sleeves up to get the job done. Being around her cheery spirit and pleasant smile makes work feel like fun. To boot, she is one smart cookie who happens to bake the best cookies.

Carly was raised in Aurora, Colorado, and received her B.A. in Accounting from Hillsdale College, in Hillsdale Michigan. She has ten years of accounting experience in a diverse number of fields including e-cigs, healthcare, and oil & gas. She is passionate about organization and improving efficiencies so navigating different industries has been a welcome challenge providing her new opportunities to grow.

She is coordinated but clumsy so be forewarned if you are near her in a Zumba or group fitness class. Carly’s hobbies include eating Cap’n Crunch, being an amazing auntie to her adorable niece and nephews, and dressing up for adventure races.

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